Understanding the need for manipulating high-resolution images

(hint: it adds value to social media visuals)


One of the main reasons why image manipulation service is increasing is because it is required constantly on various social media sites. Powerful tools now can make high-resolution images look fantastic. To increase the incentive for viewers to engage online, the HR visuals need to load quickly and we offer a few things to manipulate them. This understanding will prove useful for regular usage.


Web media challenges for HR visuals

Making loading sites quicker with manipulation

Whether it is business websites or social media sites, we can actually see how visuals can impact the information that is relayed to the viewer. The right visuals can be manipulated in such a realistic way that they add value to the entire website. As the trend for eye-catching websites moves to visual loading, the need for image manipulation, especially vector graphics are prominent. This rich media needs the services of expert image editors who are familiar with the latest manipulation techniques. There is no doubt that viewers enjoy seeing eye-catching HR images but everyone does not have the same bandwidth and loading is frustrating. Hence, manipulation is done by editors. Manipulation can be considered a set of complex things to do and few issues are addressed by the editor. For example, ghost mannequin, neck inserting to join back and front file together after removing the dummy/mannequin from a garment product. This term can be treated as image stitching or Neck join.


They may include the following even if the image seems perfect otherwise to the viewer

1. Resizing to make the image lighter while loading. The HR clarity is not affected by this technique. Each device (desktop or mobile screen) supports a different resolution. Consumers are able to see the same images with clarity in all devices.

2. Different image formats are acceptable on various devices. Hence, the files in which they are converted can be made better by editing. Such images are also used in video codes. An editor will have the knowledge to use Web Page, automatic fallback to JPEG or any other file format which the device does not support.  When static HR images are used in video frames, the file size is important.

3. At every stage, the editor will control the quality of an image as manipulation is done. He knows how much to compress, how many layers to add or subtract to offer a satisfactory visual content. This will make the user happy as less bandwidth is required for engagement.

4. Deeper manipulation will involve 2-3 pictures. For example, take 3 images=one man dancing, an empty stage, and background of the cityscape. Each image is combined to make one consolidated image which shows the man dancing on a stage with a background behind.

Almost everyday new images are introduced and so are the image editing techniques. Understanding the way image manipulation is done will ensure that business websites that trade online can have interrupted browsing experience.

Social media users require images daily

Regular users will need to manipulate the visuals. Commercial activity or personal requirements have made it mandatory for people to resize images for better viewing. Today, it is best to opt for editors who can make the images appealing at affordable rates. This is why some offshore companies are able to provide manipulation services overnight to make high resolution images more acceptable.