Manipulation service is defined in so many ways. Basically image manipulation services goes for joining 2 or several files together to make a single file. Mainly image manipulation service is applied to get rid of the dummy inside of the garment product and then joining front and back files together. Sometimes it is recommended as ghost manipulation. It means that once the dummy if taken off, there should be put some ambush effect as it looks like that a human body/dummy was inside the garment. The specialist designers of CPA provide this service with their unique skill and talent. The banner image attached here will give some ideas. The above idea reflects the common idea what manipulation service is. But manipulation services resembles some other services also. For example head replacing is one of the examples of manipulation service. So, changing/replacing an object is also treated as manipulation service. Image manipulation is also closely related with image restoration term. For instance, a old photo has lost its former craze and needs photoshop treatments to get back its past look. Retouching,  colour correction, brightness-contrast, cloning, such services are drawn together to get the expected result.  In such case someone might desire only manipulation service rather than mentioning all the four services. So it can be said that manipulation is a compact service in such cases.