Sharing the clipping editor’s deep secrets of drop shadow dynamics

No one likes flat pictures anymore. There are so many alternatives that make it interesting. The ones that give depth and illusion of being real add to the mystery of its appearance. Dark, drop shadows are known to bring an element of depth. A few experienced editors know how to use various dynamics to enhance a picture’s image and make it powerful. We share a few dirty secrets that can bring amazing results that add experience to the editor’s portfolio.

Diverting attention

A picture on its own is capable of attracting attention. But there is so much competition around that the attractiveness needs to be complemented with other histrionics. Photoshop’s feature of drop shadow seems to work wonders. It can easily divert the attention of a picture. A drop shadow adds a new element to the existing frame. In real life, shadows are created from a source of light. In the same manner, an experienced editor is likely to make a drop shadow keeping in mind from where the light will be thrown to make it realistic. It is a challenge for any editor to do it with the help of the right gradients. It makes the emerging silhouette authentic. Consistency is vital to make the final picture look at its diverting best. Depending on the way the shadow is created, one can make out if the editor has experience or a mere beginner. The shadows can look convincing one in the right way.


Techniques that do not spoil the silhouette

Casting a shadow is not easy-Two points are important-consistency and realism. They are the hallmark of any good silhouette and the best-kept secrets of any editor who uses it often.  Keeping this in mind an editor will use CSS, cascading sheets from the box-shadow property to make the drop shadow. Often the text is used over images. If the text needs to be read, then a drop shadow makes them more visible to the reader. Ever seen motivational words, they are always in fancy fonts and shadows are put to add meaning to them? If you can picture this in your mind, then you can understand the technique’s ability to improve the image. There can be an inner or outer shadow-they determine the drama which will play. The editor will position the angle of the shadow so that it does not look horrible. For this, he will adjust the transparency layers and fade the effect consistently. He knows when to blur the shadow or make it crisp.


When can drop shadows be used?

Many clients, especially from e-commerce business ask why the product needs depth in the pictures. When drop shadows are used they tend to add attention to few elements in the visual-without distracting the focus on the product. Which products are suitable for drop shadow techniques? Small beauty items like shavers, creams and lotion tubes, small cylindrical bottles of gel etc can easily be highlighted with this technique. Since the products are small and available online they need to be enlarged to show their qualities. A drop shadow makes the presentation more appealing. And from the consumer’s view, it can be purchased at a glance.