Color correction is one of the desired services now a days. This service is provided to enhance/edit/fix any colour of a product or object. If you would have a glance in the above image of colour correction then you will get the result of colour correction service. Same model with different appearance. The dress colour is changed, red to green. The dress colour is just selected and colour mode is changed from red to green and if anyone like more colours then it can be easily executed also. In addition, when applying color correction, the goal is to ensure color consistency of the main subject throughout all of the images.  For example, in the case of a bride, the goal is to ensure that her skin tone appears consistent throughout the entire set of images. 

CPA generates this very sophisticated services at its best.  Basically this service is demonastrated using image adjusment option. An online shop normally diplays similar type of objects with so many colours. In such cases colour correction might be the best solution what reduces the price than shoting too many images and work with those differently. At the same time goal is achieved. Another example is, an object gets fade, its original colour is lost in some portions. Colour correction service lets you to regain the colour in the faded portions with keeping natural impact intact. 

When photographers shoot images under certain lighting conditions, color effect might be introduced to the image. We achieve optimal color correction/changing for an image by following a photographer