Discover the wonderful palette of color correction for online products 


Accurate representation of products is very important for online business. Many traders who sell products online depend on having pictures with right color schemes which help customers buy, for example, the right shade of red dress or the deep maroon tone of a lipstick or a white pair of shoes. There is a wonderful palette of color correction for online items that can propel the productivity of any online business. It is no secret that product images need to be displayed accurately with genuine color tones.


A pre-shoot is useful from the studio to the editing suite

To make the color correction more accurate, a few steps need to be taken at the time of shooting the images for products. When you get the right feel of texture and the color combination, it will enable the editor to do a better job. He will be able to capture the right tones for color correction. During photography for white balance, a grey card set is used. It helps in post-production and less photoshopping is required. While the photographer takes care of the physical aspects while shooting, a reliable software aids the editor during post-production. Color correction is not very intricate; its workflow can easily be combined to produce great pictures.


The Lightroom palette

A few useful steps are essential once the studio work is over and the images reach the editing table. First, the images are organized, then imported to the right place. If there are many raw pictures, then the selection is done one by one to sync each one. Favorites are selected and then exported. Putting them in a single folder allows one to work systematically. When any color adjustments are required the palette or the menu shows white balance, contrast, and exposure. These are the three important things to create a credible combination. A product may be shown packed or a montage shot will have a series of brands belonging to a company to be displayed. Primary corrections can be done via retouching the raw images. The adobe toolbox has many features like ‘develop’, ‘map’, ‘slideshow’, ‘web’, ‘print’ to help the editors. Adjustments can be made to cover the defects of photography.

Retouching the original colors

There is a fine line between using the correction from a software and making it look stronger online. If there is more than 10% alteration in the main colors, then the consumer will feel cheated. A little bit of enhancement or retouching is fine. But adding too strong corrections is not recommended nor is it ethical.  Color correction to images that have faces also is done if they accompany the products. Even in the usage of this method, care has to be taken to match the right skin tones. Often one can see a model is used to show a product. An editor has to pay attention to the model’s skin tones. A mere re-touching is sufficient. The idea is to highlight the product and not the model. With experience, editors are able to use the palette successfully in various ways to help a client to achieve their targets of selling products online.