Frequently Asked questions

 What are your turnaround times?
Our standard turnaround time is 24 hours. However, depending on how many pictures you need edited, we have available options from 6 hours to 96 hours to suit your need. So you do not need to worry if you need expressive service.
 What should I do as a new client?
To start anything formally, completing registration process is mandatory.After then use your selected username and password to make a Quotation Request/Place a new order with asking quotation or not. But before that just check whether image uploading is done right way or not. We will get back to you with a reply within maximum 1 hour after getting the Quotation Request/New Order.
 What should I do as a regular client?
As a registered client, just log in our website using your username and password and place a new order or make a quotation request with uploading your images. Our 24/7 Customer Support Team will provide a precise estimation within one hour.
 May I apply for free trial?
We do offer free trial if our clients want to see or check the quality first before proceeding with an order. And we always appreciate client's comment on our trial task. You'll be offered up to 10 images as free trial.
 What type of file format do you prefer to work?
There is no specific file format we need to work with. If Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator support the file format then it is workable. But we prefer .JPEG .PSD .TIFF, PNG for Photoshop and .AI .EPS PDF for Illustrator. No matter if you send camera raw files like CR2, DNG and so on, we'll convert the files using light-room and then proceed with the images.
 Is your FTP server secure and protected?
FTP is the most convenient and secure file downloading and uploading procedure. Once you will have an account with us, you can easily get FTP access which will allow you to download/upload even heavy-weight files in a single hit. There is no any limitation of file quantity and file weight so you can't but love this user-friendly file transferring system.
 What is your payment methodology?
We accept Paypal most along with bank-transfer. You can do it using your Credit card, master card, Visa card and American Express as well. The invoice will instruct you the way to pay. You can simply transfer the money through bank as well. Please note that, there is no upfront payment hassle.