Privacy Policy

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There is no doubt that there are many offshore photo editing services that pack a punch with their services and provide best rates too. But how does one discern which one is right for you? Do you need a profit booster or a sustainable path to work? Businesses that require everyday imaging facilities should opt for a one-stop solution which provides a spectrum of imaging services right from consultancy to actual execution. We introduce Clipping Path Arts (CPA), which is headquartered in Dhakka, Bangladesh. What makes this company’s services unique? Is it the experienced professionals or qualified team which offers more than 16 kinds of image treatments?


Know us better with the values we stand for


Our vision


Clipping Path Arts has a global vision to entertain clients with valued services. To capture a brief and execute it 100% is a part of the vision. According to the MD, XXXX, the company is poised to fulfill its vision to customize their services to enable more exclusivity to meet client requirement.


Our mission


We wish to go beyond client satisfaction. Thus our aim to improve the quality each time our experienced professionals are challenged to work in all time zones. We can even skip our holidays to accommodate any urgent requirement of a client. We understand often time is money.


Our privacy policy is the most robust in the industry


The most important reason why people enjoy our work is not only the commitment to work but the care we take of client’s data and resources. These are some of the few things we are serious about:


We do not share any details nor samples with others as we consider our privacy policy very seriously.

Confidentiality begins when the images are sent to us.

Our team of professionals does not indulge in reusing the images for any other purpose other than the requirement of the client.

No tampering is done even when the contract is over.

All material/documents sent are returned after the work is complete. We also clean up the folders and source images once they are no longer of use to us. Only scanned copies are shared.

No image or material is shared with a 3rd party and copyright remains with the clients.

Quality control is done at every stage to maintain secrecy and security of the project.

Clients can even ask for changes after the actual work is repaired.

We respect the intellectual property rights of everyone who offers us business.

Our staff is checked before they are hired. Hence, they maintain the company’s privacy policies at all times. They are checked for their professional qualifications and efficiency before they are hired. There is restricted employee access to the work area to ensure the security. Logins, passwords, workstation security (with anti-virus software), Non-disclosure documents, and access through remote VPN tunnel are followed strictly.

We adhere to a backup of all material given by the clients, disable USB ports, cables after completion.

Communications via emails are encrypted and not shared.